Scratch Super Bowl Recipes!

I have found my new favorite lunch place. Went for the first time today to Bread Zeppelin on Park in Plano and I have to say that I am ready to just throw away all the recipes that I wanted to make for Super Bowl Sunday (which now will be written SBS, which could also be used for Southern Belle Society, but this week I think we all know what it stands for) and just go buy their wonderful sandwiches. My friend and I go to lunch every Wednesday after our art class and today she told me that she wanted us to go to a new place that she and her hubby have fallen in love with. (That is probably a bit too much, but us Southerners do love our foods, don’t we?). Anyhow, as we stood in line to order, I noticed that they were carving out the middle of each loaf of bread and stuffing something in them. OMGosh, that space is made to stuff the salad of your choice. The bread was just amazing. It is crusty on the outside and so soft on the inside. I can’t wait to go back to try more of the salads. I came home and told Randy that this is going to be our new “go to” place when we aren’t craving greasy hamburgers or Mexican food, or pizza, or the nights when we have Hot Fudge Sundaes or Banana Splits for our dinner. But…the other nights that we eat out, you will probably find us at Bread Zeppelin.

Before I close, I just want to tell you something that happened to me yesterday that will make all of you feel very smart.(and young)  Having noticed that I am tending to do a “few” things that might cause anyone under the age of 50 to say that “the ole girl just needs to be put away before somebody gets hurt.”… made me realize that I should go and be sure my cabinets are in alphabetical order and I have each piece of furniture tagged as to who gets what in a few years, before I totally loose it. Jodi, our daughter who lives in Phoenix calls each morning to catch up on the exciting events that might happen in our lives each day. I have told her that when I start to tell her how many dr visits we have scheduled that day or what kind of bowel movements we have had, to just shoot me. But  I’m sure we are YEARS away from that. Each day she calls and we talk about grandkids and her exercise class and she tells me that if I would start eating a little more healthy and work out, that maybe, just maybe, I might have a few good years ahead of me before I am sitting in a wheel chair with my hair colored blue (which would at least match my car right now, and no, it is not a Buick, yet) and the highlight of my day would be go to the dining room at the nursing home an hour early to wait for my mashed peas. So we are talking and after a little while, she ask me what I am doing, as I sound out of breath. I told her to just keep talking with I continued to look for my phone, that I was pulling the cushions out of the chair and on my hands and knees looking under the chair in case it had fallen through to the floor. She begins to laugh and I tell her it’s not funny, I have GOT to find my phone, my whole life revolves around my phone. How would I know which dr visits I had this week without my phone?  Through her laughter she proceeds to tell me that I might want to add another dr appt to my calendar. Why? What does she think is wrong with me that I need to go to another dr?  She then tells me to just stop and think about what I am talking to her with? Can I just tell you that we laughed until our sides hurt. But I got off the  “lost” phone and reassured myself that it had just been a crazy week and I’m sure that if I double up on my Gingko, I would be fine, if I could just remember where I last put it. I had better get Randy to Bread Zeppelin before I forget where it is!

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