Hospital Chat

I thought it appropriate to reblog this as Randy will be going to to get the battery replaced tomorrow that was inplanted in his chest in Feb, 2012. We thank the Lord that the surgery then was such a success and we are grateful for the wisdom that the Lord has given to people who invent these wonderful “gadgets” for people with Parkinson’s. This story will let you inside the walls of our experience of them giving Randy a new lease on life with Parkinson’s. We are so grateful that we were able to laugh all the way to the operating room.

Chocolate Castles

As most of you know, my sweet husband has had to be in the hospital a couple of days last week and then today for some follow-up procedures. We are so grateful to family and friends who have sent us cards, emails, phone calls and prayed for us. Thank you for your love and caring of us. We truly realized how blessed and loved we are.

Knowing that we were in for another day of being in the hospital today, we both decided to go have a last great mexican food meal last night before being subjected to hospital food today, so off we go to Mijeras for enchiladas. Now, normally this would give us the little bit of sunshine that we needed to send us off to a dreaded situation, but last night, well, it was just too much and too loud. As we tried to order our meal…

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