Super Bowl Recipes

Since Super Bowl food finds it’s way right up there with recipes for Christmas Dinner, I am adding a new category to the blog! Each year, it seems that we try to find just the perfect food to make it an outstanding Super Bowl party. For the last few years, we have spent the Super Bowl weekend up at Big Bear, California with 4 or 5 other couples. A friend of ours had a house that accommodates lots of people, so we would spend the entire weekend, playing cards, dominoes and of course the most important thing besides the actual game…eating. Yes, we ate from the time we walked in the door to the time we walked out the door on Monday morning. Each couple was responsible for a meal and my goodness, I’m here to tell you , the meals were amazing. Since we had friends there from Egypt, we had the best lamb kabobs EVER..we had friends there that had owned restaurants in previous years so the food that they cooked was remarkable. Our hostess kept a cookbook (which she has so lovingly handed down to me when they sold the house last year) of all the recipes that she had made in the last 10 years of owning the house. We would eat, the men would watch TV while the ladies shopped. Food would be out on the counter for us to just grab every time we walked by. To say that it is one of my favorite memories, is putting it mildly. The friendships that were forged those weekends are priceless. We all went to church together and the bond which was ever better because we worshiped together is just so special that we hold those times in a special place in our hearts.

This year, we were all suppose to meet in Palm Springs for Super Bowl weekend, but we didn’t anticipate a “bend in the road.” so we will not be joining them this year. Because of some health issues, we are unable to go. So we will be with them in spirit and will eat our way through the weekend, just as we would have done had we been blessed to go. So this new category will have recipes that you might want to explore before Super Bowl. Who knows, you might end up having all the favorite foods that we had the last few years, creating bonds of friendship with those who will watch the Big Game in your home.

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