Halloween Happenings

BOO! today is not only Halloween, but our first grandson, Jaden’s, birthday and one of our daughter-in-laws, Mandy. I love it when the streets are full of children walking around with their parents, going door to door, asking for candy. It just makes life seem so normal, like we should look up and down the street and see “the Beav” and Wally. Although today, the costumes are a little different from when our kids grew up, I do love all the fluorescent necklaces and bracelets that you can see from 4 doors down. In fact, I will go ahead and admit that I love to wear those myself. When we lived in California, I used the excuse that I bought them to keep in the night stand so in case of an earthquake, I could put one on  to assure the rescue team would find me, as I would light up like an airport with all the necklaces I would be wearing. In fact, when we would be watching the fireworks at the Rose Bowl July 4th, I was probably the only one over the age of 12 wearing the bright glowing necklaces. Randy would just sit on the other side of the blanket and pretend I was a alien who had just obtained their citizenship and was still so excited about being an American. But here in Texas I don’t have an excuse. I just have to come forward and admit that I am a “glow in the dark” necklace junkie. Since our grandkids who are of trick or treat age live in other states…well that’s not true. We do have a 10 year old grandson that lives here, but his idea of dressing up for Halloween is putting on a suit and claiming to work as a financial advisor for American Express. He wouldn’t be caught dead in a glow in the dark anything. Our other grandchild who lives here is only 4 months old, so I have some time before I can go with her. I only hope that they make glow in the dark tennis balls that will fit on the wheels of my walker so I can still “party down” in a few years when Payton is old enough to go trick or treating.

So today I am baking birthday cake. Preparing to bring out the Christmas music (hello, tomorrow is Nov 1st), remembering the Halloween goodies we use to make when our kids were little, like popcorn balls, caramel apples, I will be having a grand time in the kitchen. You can’t miss me if you drive down our street. You will be able to see the glowing green necklace in the windows, baking pumpkin cupcakes and singing “O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree.”

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