Peter Pumpkin Goes to the Polls

Had lunch with a friend today who is extremely involved with the political scene. She and her husband are now Precinct Reps to the State Republican  Convention and take their jobs very seriously. I was sharing with Peggy today about how I finally went to get my new Texas License so I could vote. She began to tell the ladies at lunch about the rules at the polling places and to be sure that my cell phone is off when we go in. She informed me that there are always “poll watchers” there to be sure that the rules are followed and said that they are always in need of poll watchers. Well, that was all I needed to hear. I came home to tell Randy that I had found the perfect place for him to volunteer…when he ask, I informed him that after a little training, he would be able to be a poll watcher. . Apparently he misunderstood, because the next thing I knew he was upstairs in the closet picking out an outfit. An outfit  that well, should we say, had the look of Tom Jones, with the shirt unbuttoned down to the waist. He had found a gold chain that was left over from the 70’s, that was now proudly displaced around his neck. He had polished his white patent shoes and was applying his favorite after shave lotion. When I ask him what in the world he was doing, he informed me that he was ready to go “pole” watching and wondered which bar we would be going to “help” as undercover helpers to be sure that rules were followed.

After I explained that the polls where he would be helping to be sure rules were followed, were voting precinct, he went back into the closet and changed into a tweed jacket and loafers. He likes to dress in case television cameras are there filming voters going in or out. He proudly displays his “I Voted Today” sticker as we head back to the car. Peter decided that since he is so nice and fun, he doesn’t think he would fit in very well with the grouchy elderly people that are there giving voting instructions. He says that the thinks “pole watching” would have been a lot more fun.

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