Peter Pumpkin Not Allowed in Walmart

Today was the last straw. I will never EVER ask Randy if he wants to go with me to Walmart, much less on a weekend.  I have noticed that he is always a little to excited when I ask him if he would like to go, after all, what husband wants to go to Walmart with his wife.  Today I found out why. As I usually do, he pushes the cart while I dash around from aisle to aisle picking up items that come to mind. On one such trip back to the cart to throw in my grocery items because my arms were full, I cannot seem to find Mr. Congeniality.  Because I was carrying around more items than I should be, I am desperately looking for him to unload all the stuff. There in the produce aisle, he is pushing the cart and when he gets it going, he lets go to see just how far it will go by itself. It crashed into a old lady, riding on one of those motorized chairs, who was not a happy camper.  Slowly, I hid behind the baking items aisle that they had placed right by the frozen foods. When I came out from my hiding place, thinking that that incident would probably show him that he shouldn’t be racing the grocery basket, he is pushing it straight to the deli where he proceeds to buy chicken strips, because after all, “he hasn’t had a Walmart picnic in a long time”. So there I find him, people staring at him, pushing the cart with one hand, with fried chicken hanging from his mustache and looking for more people in the motorized chairs. He claimed that he actually had the right of way and she should have watched where she was going. I have told him that he should treat them with more respect because one day that might be him. His response was, “well if it is, I will drive it fast and not just stop in the middle of the aisles”.

We have a new name for Peter this season; COM: crotchety old man….so if you are ever in Walmart in Frisco, watch out. You never know who you might run into, literally. Maybe I should say, who might run into you.  If the person running into your basket has a chicken strip in one hand and a Hawaiian roll in the other hand, please get out of the way, you will be glad you did. COM escapes sometimes from the house without me knowing it.

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