Crossing Over

We did it; as soon as we crossed over the border to Arizona we quickly noticed that we looked like the thousands of other Seniors that actually live here. We felt that we needed to change a few of our old habits to fit in a little better. We felt it coming on when we noticed the signs at a Frys grocery store selling $1 root beer floats to seniors. We didn’t know until we stopped that they meant high school seniors. We just assumed that because of where we were they meant the “wise” old geezers.Then we realized that not only did we feel like we belonged here since every neighborhood has a “over 55” gated community that wave us on in without stopping us; but our precious grandkids who we drove 17 hours to see tell us that if we really want to pick them up from school this week, they would appreciate it ever so much if we would park around the corner:
It was embarrassing to be seen getting in a car with grandparents. We paid them back by having t shirts printed up with their pictures on the front saying, “never fear..your grandparents are here.”
Randy has bought his first pair of stripped Bermuda shorts with black knee socks and ordered me a pair of gold tennis shoes.
We like to feel like we really fit in when we visit places. Better close, it’s almost 4 and Randy is ready to leave for the senior blue plate special at Applebee’s.
I better get him out of here before he trades in my car for a Buick.

2 thoughts on “Crossing Over

    • Hi Gladys I just talked about you to Randy last week that I hadn’t heard from you on a while and when we got back from CA I was going to check with you to just say hi. Glad you enjoyed the post. My mind is just a little weird so it is easy to find all these scenarios. Ha.


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