There Is No Such Thing As A Free Meal

I learned that yesterday. We kept our 10 year old grandson all weekend and just trying to think of things to keep him entertained was enough to exhaust us, much less actually doing all the things that we thought up. But yesterday did me in. Sevy wanted to go to the Flight Museum down at Love Field so we took him. Sounds great doesn’t it? Such an easy field trip, right? Well, half way through the museum, we discovered there was a whole other wing that had actually Southwest airplanes to go through. Since I love to fly and at one time, back in my crazy years, I actually interviewed to become a flight attendant. But since they didn’t make those cute little khaki pants in my big girl size, I guess they didn’t want to have to special order a pair, so I was turned down. They told me it was my age, but I’m not quite sure I believe them. Anyway, I have totally let that go, but when we go through the plane and there is the place where the flight attendant would sit, I decided to see what it would have felt like to actually sit where they sit and pretend for a moment that I was indeed working for SWA in my dream job. I had Sevy take my picture and off we went to the next exhibit. We are getting ready to leave when I discovered that my Brighton sunglasses are no longer in my pocket. I panic. I ran all over the museum asking total strangers if they had seen a pair of sunglasses when all of a sudden I remembered that I had sat down in that plane and maybe, they had fallen out of my pocket during my moment of dreaming of being Ms. SWA flight attendant. I ran, truly, I ran back to that part of the museum, up the steps to the plane and proceeded to the front where there on the seat, are my sun glasses. Even though I am to old to be running through museums and too old to be dreaming of being a flight attendant, I was so thrilled to have found them. We leave and ask Sevy what he would like for lunch. It is 1:00 and we are starving. It is hot and humid and I told him I didn’t care what we ate, it just had to have air conditioning and seats as my feet were feeling the effect of running all over the museum. We drive for a few minutes when I see that Randy is going on a street that wouldn’t be leading us to any restaurant. I ask him what in the world was he doing. He just said, “trust me”. I learned along time ago, not to trust him. Those words usually mean that an adventure of some sort is getting ready to unfold before my eyes. Sitting in the back seat, allowing the “boys” to take over the front, I am still trying to get my body temp under 100. Randy quickly pulls into the parking lot of Jackson’s Pottery. What in the world are we doing here? I knew he was not one to buy any type of greenery or pottery, in fact, he is the one that reminds me that he doesn’t like to throw money away on flowers, as I just kill them before you can say, “Miracle Grow”. But here we are parking when I look and see, oh no, they are having a “cook off” competition between the different vendors of barbeque grill brands. He parked and turned around to look at me in the back seat and said, “this will be fun, it is all the barbeque you want, and it’s free”. This will be great. Sevy is in agreement and we exit the car to go sample (if you can call filling up the plate they give you with fajitas, sausage, brisket, ribs and tortillas),sampling. As you stand there eating, of course, they are wanting you to buy either their grilling meat rub, their barbeque pit, smoker, or grilling tools. Of course, Randy is able to just take their free food and walk away. But me…well, that is harder for me. I feel guilty just standing there eating their food, and of course, as hot as it was, the vendors are soaking wet themselves. When I couldn’t talk Randy into buying anything, (he says that they are use to people coming and just eating, that they really don’t care if you buy anything or not) I can’t take it anymore. Any make up that was left after running around the museum is now running into my eyes and stinging like crazy and Sevy is running around trying to find a drink (free of course) since the “free sausage” is so spicy his mouth is on fire. We finally tell Randy we are done. We are hot, our mouths are on fire and we want air conditioning. He tells us we are no fun…
I don’t want to be fun. I want air conditioning, I want a huge glass of iced tea and I want to wash the make up out of my eyes. He is so giving…he says that if we by pass the Sonic on Forest Lane and can make it to the one on Park that it would be 2 by then and it would be happy hour so we could get our drinks half price.
PLEASE….SOMEONE FIND HIM A JOB! I can’t take anymore of these “free lunch adventures”. Being retired has ruined my husband. At least before retirement, I didn’t have to wait for Sonic Happy Hour if I was thirsty…
The day turned out fine after all, Sevy got a milkshake and Tater Tots and I got my Diet Cherry Coke, sitting in an air conditioned car. That’s enough adventure for me this weekend.
I promised him I won’t gripe anymore when he suggest that we go have a free lunch off samples at Costco anymore, at least it’s air conditioned.

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