Princess On The Porch

This day ranks among the top days in my last 20 years!(yes, and the days all the grandkids were born, so please, our adult children, don’t write me yelling that those days should be the most important) The book I have been working on for more years than I care to admit is being printed as I write. It will be in my hands in a week! Princess On The Porch is a collection of great recipes and stories that will entertain you and show you that we see life a little more humorous than is probably necessary, but we learned a long time ago that we would rather have laugh lines instead of red swollen eyes.
There are so many of you who have been encouraging me to do this for many years and I thank you for that.
Randy is already planning a law suit against me for the many stories I shared in the book about him. But I will worry about that later.
Princess On The Porch will be available in fine stores everywhere….ok, maybe just on my blog and Face Book, but a Princess can dream, can’t she?

8 thoughts on “Princess On The Porch

  1. I want several in my hot little hands for holiday gifts so fill the car, or at least the trunk, when you come in a couple weeks. Congrats on this MAJOR accomplishment. You are such a great friend I know of at least one story you would not have included !!!


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