Fallish Frenzy

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It felt so good to have all my Fall Decorations out and placed strategically around the house, bringing a feel of festivity and food that I should be baking at all hours of the day and night.
Our kids have begun to call us Clark Griswald beginning in Sept, as I cannot wait to put up Christmas lights.
So beginning in September, we put up Fall trees, which turns to Christmas trees the day after Thanksgiving. I have promised sweet little Peter Pumpkin that I will make lots of pumpkin bread to sell to help pay our electric bill.
As soon as I got through placing the lights in the garland on the mantle,the trees decorated with Fall leaves and lights, plus a few lighted pumpkins in the courtyard, I sat down with a glass of tea to enjoy the different feel, Randy’s phone rang. I heard him answer and tell the person on the other end of the line that “yes, he would take care of it right away”! When he walked in I ask him what he would be taking care of. He said it was the electric company asking us to please turn off some of the lights. That we blew a fuse in the neighborhood and all the neighbors were calling, complaining. I couldn’t believe it. When I said, “really, you are kidding me” he said, “yes, but I’m sure that I will be having to come out of retirement to pay our electric bill.”
This reminded me of the Christmas that I decided that we should have blue lights outside instead of white. We went and bought all blue lights and Frosty proceeded to put up the 8-10 boxes outside. The yard looked beautiful and we were so proud. The next night, the lights automatically turned on around 6:30 and as I am in the kitchen cooking dinner. Randy drives in from work and as he walks quickly into the front door, I thought to myself that I hadn’t seen him move that fast since I ask him to marry me. When I looked up he came over to me and said, very seriously, “you won’t believe what is in the middle of the street! You have got to come look, it’s a plane, they tried to land, thinking that they were at the airport.” I told him that if this was his way of telling me that we have too many lights, it’s going to take more than that for me to give up my holiday lights.
If you are ever in Frisco and you see a glow by the tollway, you will know that our house is not far away…or a neighborhood that is totally in the dark, from us blowing a fuse.

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