Casserole Circuit

Since I have not been cooking, due to being a little under the weather for over a week, I thought I would just share a few thoughts.

Last week, while feeling a little down because I was not up to indulging some of my favorite foods to celebrate my birthday, it became apparent that maybe I was a little sicker than I thought. All week, even though Randy was certainly playing the part of Nurse Norm, I noticed a few oddities. First of all, at the beginning of the week, all I heard was that it was way to hot for us to be outside anyway, that I wasn’t missing anything having to stay in. Then in the middle of the week, he bounces down the stairs with his walking shoes on saying that he is going walking. You are kidding me, it is 99 outside and my hubby who has done no exercising other than bending over to pick up his jeans from the floor one day back in April, is going out walking. Then the next day, he announces that maybe I should at least try to go get out a little to “build up my strength” so off we go to Steinmart. After I walk around for 15 min, deciding that I am just really not feeling able to shop, I walk over to find him picking out cutesy new shorts telling me that it will make me feel better to walk around Dillards, hoping it will perk up my attitude. We get to Dillards where they just happen to have the shirts he likes on sale, so to “perk me up” we find shirts that go with all his new shorts. Boy, did that ever perk me up. I am feeling so badly that even laying down in the back seat of the closed up 115 degree car is sounding pretty good right now. I tell him that it is suppose to be my birthday week, not his and I should be the one shopping. He tells me that even though I am not feeling like shopping for me, he just hated wasting the good July sales events.
You are kidding me.
I finally convince him to take me home and in the midst of him trying on the new outfits (yes I know, he really is a little weird) the phone rings. It is our insurance man returning Randy’s call. When I ask him if I can take a message because he is upstairs, (I didn’t tell him he was up there trying on his new clothes)he informs me that he has the quotes on the new life insurance plan that Randy had ask about for me. OMGosh, am I sicker than I thought? Does he know something that I don’t know? As I thought back over the last week it all begins to make sense…exercising, new clothes, more life insurance…he is preparing for the casserole circuit. Well, little does he know that I have already typed up lists of all the little things that the next wife will want to know.
When he came down to show me all his new “digs” I let him know in no uncertain terms that I had figured out his little scheme. He smiled and told me that he figured that if taking me to Dillards and Steinmart didn’t pep me up, he knew exactly what to do to get me out of my funk. It worked.
We are back to normal, sitting here in the 110 degree weather eating chocolate chip cookies watching Wheel of Fortune in our old outfits, talking about how we need to get out and exercise when the weather cools down. we will save his new clothes to wear when he takes me shopping this week for all my new stuff. He reminded me that he really doesn’t like casseroles anyway.

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