TrudyFest 2014

I’m still trying to wrap that idea around that I didn’t get to have TrudyFest. My very own favorite week of the year when it is all about me. Randy tells me that everyday is Trudyfest but I beg to differ. It all began years ago when my aunt, who could not have children, adopted the idea that she would give me a little present every day from July 1st until July 11th, my birthday. My Aunt Gladys was a great lady who loved life and believed that special days should be celebrated. Of course, I was happy to go right along with that. She kept the tradition of giving me little gifts each day for 11 days until she went to be with the Lord. My mom kept up the tradition. Gifts ranged from candy bars to cards to sometimes a pair of earrings or a kitchen tool, when I had a kitchen of my own. So when Randy and I married, my mom told him that I was his responsibility (her tone of voice suggesting that when she said that made me think that maybe she was very glad to hand over this “fun tradition”) and he was now in charge of TrudyFest.
This was how it all began and this year, at the age of 64, I learned that life is not all about me. As an only child, that hurts just to type those words.
Monday morning of this past week found me sick and not in any way interested in cooking, eating or even shopping. When Randy tried to take me out to tell me to walk around one of my favorite stores, looking to buy me a little something, I just couldn’t muster up the energy or desire to buy anything. He even tried to dangle the credit card in front of my face telling me to grab it and run, but still all I could do was point to an item and tell him that maybe in a few days I “might” want to come back and try it on. For the first time in his life, he was now worried that I was really sick. Never, ever, have I refused to shop…for me! Now he is trying to tempt me with cheesecake and Houston’s Key Lime Pie. All I want to do is come home and lay down. He is beginning to call people telling then he is really worried about me when the doorbell rings. It is the Fed Ex man with packages. He looks back at me and smiles. He realizes that maybe I wasn’t up to shopping or eating some of my favorites, but I still had the energy to shop via computer. TrudyFest might not be the celebrated in the usual way, but it still happened…thank you Amazon for home delivery.

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