Tempted in Texas

We have made it back to Dallas, thinking that we left  the food temptations back in Savannah. I was wrong. As we drive up and down the streets of Dallas, we are finding that in our 3 year California hiatus, new restaurants have popped up everywhere. Not wanting to have to say that we haven’t been to some of the new places, Randy and I have made a list of several new places that we keep hearing about. We have been in town for 72 hours and have already hit 3 of he new places. Texas does have it’s temptations. This way, we don’t have to once again sound like he newbies. We can join in the conversations when we hear friends talk about going around the corner to the new spot. All those “new spots” are beginning to add quite a few new bumps on our bodies. I have figured out that I am good with eating out pretty much every night, as long as I have a kitchen to bake desserts. To get back to basics of dessert baking, the lemon brownies that I am posting in a minute shows that I am serious about getting back to desserts. Since we are still “homeless” and searching for a house, my list of things I want to bake the minute the first box of mixing bowls are unpacked, is growing. ,The delicious sounding little gems will be among the first. Look for them under “Lemon Brownies” in the dessert category. Will post them right now.


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