Cravings &Cookies

Yesterday as we were beginning our day, I began to wonder why my jeans were shrinking. Had it been all the Southern Comfort food that we had been eating since we crossed over into the “low country”? I was still taking the medicine that the California nutritionist had given me to control cravings. When I had told he Dr that I could not take diet pills, he assured me that this was not a diet pill and that it had been given for years to smokers to help control their craving for nicotine and it was good for controlling cravings for food. Instantly I began to loose weight and was so proud that the old me that would grab at anything sweet for a snack, was now shopping for fruit and yogurt.My “new me” quickly scanned the shelves for healthy snacks instead of the usual cupcake that had somehow found it’s way into my hand. As we drove out of the grand state of California, images of the food that we had missed so much, while living in California began to overcome me. We were headed to New Mexico where we feasted on Mexican food for 3 days…but I was faithful to continue my “diet” pill. So far so good. As we sunk deeper and deeper into Paula Deen country, that resolve to just indulge every few days or so was disappearing. We were giving in to the temptation to exit when we would see signs that read, “exit 117 for the best fried pies” or exit 242 for the “greatest peanut brittle”. Yesterday while getting ready to go out exploring Charlestown, I sunk to an all time low. We tried to eat a little healthy. Randy had gone downstairs to bring back a cup of coffee and hot tea for me. He even brought back a couple bananas, but when we peeled them, they…well, let’s just say that they weren’t in their prime of life. So not wanting to take my “no craving” pill on an empty stomach, I reached for our snack bag. When we got in the car to leave, Randy looked over at me and noticed that I had a bag of cookies in my lap. Defensefully, I quickly reminded him that I was not suppose to take the medicine on an empty stomach. I was also trying to get rid of a few small leftovers so we could clean out our car. In my quest to clean and cautious, I had devoured 6 cookies. I reminded him of the reasons. When I heard myself say the reasons out loud, they didn’t make as much sense as they did when I was trying to justify my actions in my mind.
I told him that he needed to get me out of the deep south as quickly as possible; so we are doing just that. As soon as we go to one more place that has been on my bucket list, Edgar’s Bakery in Birmingham, Al. I will start taking my “no craving” pill once again with carrot sticks instead of cupcakes or cookies.
Viva Paula Deen & the South, where you can find the best food in the good ole USA

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