Life on the Road

We have been “homeless” for almost 3 weeks and it is certainly presenting its challenges!  We are still learning to pack the car with each stop along the way! Yesterday, leaving Santa Fe after relaxing and eatting our say thru town we decide it is time to get back to relaity and head to Texas where we will once again begin to eat our way thru the state! After finishing packing Randy tells me he needs to repack the car to see if we can pack more in the trunk and not look like we are living out of our car! We are tired of people staring at us as when we are pulling up in parking lots!  As he takes the things out of the car/trunk to repack for the next leg of our trip we looked over to the restaurant which overlooks the parking lot of our inn! There in the window are the folks which we just finished sharing a table, looking out the window!  They were placing bets!  They truly didn’t see how we would get all our “stuff” into our compact car!  we watched as one table actually cheered as they saw Randy close the trunk with still more “stuff” sitting on the ground beside the car!  But we managed to find little cubbie holes in the backseat!  upon last inspection of the room we discovered we had forgot our pillows.  Mr Packer told me he was too embarrassed go carry them out so guess who got the honors! as we pulled out of the parking lot, we glanced over and saw our breakfast friends holding a sign up which said, “call car hoarders annoymous…you need help”! We jumped the curb pulling out of the boutique inn!  We decided we look more like Motel 6 people! 

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