So Many Thoughts, So Little Time

As we are fastly approaching moving day, Wednesday, there are just so many thoughts going through my mind. One thought is, “I DON”T WANT TO GO” and another is “HOW IN THE WORLD DO YOU PACK FOR TWO TO THREE MONTHS WHEN I CAN’T GET TO CLOTHES BECAUSE THEY WILL BE IN STORAGE SOMEPLACE”…where will we go for this new adventure? Will we travel to places which hold special memories or search out new adventures in places that we have always wanted to find..where will we be living around Dallas?… where will we be going to church? Will I be living in a house or a condo? Will we be able to just fall back into the life we left 3 years ago? Will we really spend the time with family that we intend?
Only time will reveal the answers to the questions. We have been up to Big Bear for the weekend with 4 other couples who we have come to love these past 3 years. As we were driving up the mountain, snow began to appear last Friday and it never ceases to amaze me that we can drive 2 hours away and enter a winter wonderland. The purpose of the weekend was to have our traditional Super Bowl party up there with lots of food, card games and of course, the ladies shopping and going to the tea room. Each time we have been there has engrained the fact that we have been so blessed here the past 3 years with friends who have become just so very dear to our hearts. When we are cooking together in the kitchen for the 10 or us, we have learned each others moves and what we do best. Some of us are the ones who do the actual cooking. Some set the table and clean up, while others provide the conversation that makes us all laugh. We have bonded so beautifully with our friends God has given to us here. The friends here have shown us how to love others and truly open your heart to newbies. We never felt like the new kids on the block because of their kindness and hospitality.
Both Randy and I hope that when we return to Dallas, that we will have learned how to reach out to others. We learned so much the past 3 years regarding friendship. Don’t just tell someone to call if they need something, most people will never call. Go ahead and do what you feel is needed. Take a meal by when needed, invite people into your home, regardless of the dust on the table. Reach out to friends by including them in everyday simple activities. When we remember some of the things that people here have included us in, it is usually the simple things that we look back on so fondly. I really truly pray that I continue to “pay it forward” as we head back to Texas and begin this new season of life that is called, “retirement”. We anxiously hope that our lives will spread the joy and encouragement to others that we have received here in California.

4 thoughts on “So Many Thoughts, So Little Time

  1. Trudy, You have been the one to show us the REAL southern hospitality! You have taught us how to serve and give to others. We thank God for you coming into our lives, if only for a short bit of time. We will truly miss you and Randy. Hopefully Jeff and I will make a road trip to Texas after you get settled. Love and Hugs, Dee


  2. Thanks again for being so transparent. You and Randy have shared your life with us in such an open way. You have brought so many of us closer to one another with your cheerfulness, sense of humor and inclusiveness. You have accepted us with our “warts” and all. I am feeling grateful that we have your blog to help us feel more connected even though we have texting, etc.. Can’t wait to hear about your road trip! Treasure and enjoy this time together! See you in May! Lots of Love to you both and great adventure, Sylvia


    • Thanks so much for your kind words! We love yall and treasure this time we had here more than you know!

      Please go to for my blog! “Be devoted to one another in brotherly love; Honor others above yourself” Romans 12:10



  3. Reblogged this on Chocolate Castles and commented:

    This appeared on my FaceBook memories and as I reread it, it occurred to me that some of these same questions which were in my mind 2 years ago, were once again questions as we move once again to a new place. Another adventure and once again, having learned new things about ourselves, we pray that the things we have learned here will be useful to us as we move to new surroundings as God once again “enlarges our territory”. Our prayer is that we leave having fulfilled our purpose in being sent here 2 years ago and willing to be used in however the Lord desires to use us in the new place!


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