A Florida Thanksgiving

We are here visiting our kids in Orlando. We Probably won’t be asked back until their memories allow them to forget what it’s like to have seniors come for the holidays. I feel like we are living the Griswalds Christmas Vacation movie, minus the Christmas tree.
Since our arrival on Wednesday evening, we have witnessed a cat with diarrhea,vomiting throughout the house. We got stuck in a parking garage when we went to have our Thanksgiving meal, only to have Tim and Randy looking around the parking garage trying to find any ticket that would allow us to exit. Tim had folded our ticket to put in his pocket and the machine kept spitting it out as “unreadable” thus the arm would not raise to let us out. So there we were, driving around the garage trying to figure out how we were going to ever get out. On no!!!! What if we weren’t out in time to make the Old Navy 50% off sale that was starting at 7!!!! We began to panic. Christi and I offered to get out and try to force the arm up so Tim could make a run for it, but Randy reminded us that his 3 yr old granddaughter was in the car and didn’t want her witnessing that kind of behavior. So we drove around until we found a ticket that someone had apparently thrown away. After we finally were able to escape, we realized that all we would have had to do was have one of us get out of the car, walk to where you enter the garage and push the button that would have given us a ticket. But I guess we were still trying to digest our lunch and our brains weren’t quite up to par.
After we treated ourselves to chocolate cream pie, Christi and I made a run for it. We almost got out of the house, heading to Old Navy, when Scrooge, I mean Frosty announces that he wants to go with us. Really? He wants to go to an Old Navy 50% off sale? Ok. We will let him go, but I don’t think he realizes what is about to happen. We arrive and there are people who have been standing in line for two hours, just waiting to get in the door. We get our track shoes on and walk right in. Finding a few items we cant live without, we go to get in line. Two hours later, we check out. I think Frosty won’t go with us anymore, he found out what women are willing to do to get a shirt for $9.00. Exhausted, we drive to Starbucks to treat ourselves to a gingerbread latte. They didn’t have any. Depressed, we head home. We are Starbucks deprived, our feet will never be the same and we are too tired to even think about waking up early for Black Friday. As far as we are concerned, they could be giving televisions away, we aren’t going near a store tomorrow.
Today we wake up to Tim’s feet sticking out of the kitchen cabinet. The plumbing has been leaking all night so a new faucet is needed.
After Tim and Randy replace (Tim read on-line how to replace a faucet) the faucet, we head to have lunch. We return home only to find a man sitting in a clunker of a car with no hubcaps, in their driveway. When we drive up he looks at us and speeds away. So now we are locked in the house afraid that he was casing it. So glad we got our shopping done, we’re afraid we might come home to an empty house if we leave. Ah yes, Thanksgiving memories,I think tonight we might watch Christmas Vacation. It will remind us of what we have to look forward to in 3 weeks.


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