Babysitting With Candy Crush

It is getting serious. My daughter just called for our morning visit. As always, I ask how her night went and what they did. She reminded me that she babysat her friends two children, which told me that son-in-law kept her kids, while she went to keep the other small children of her friend. So when I ask about how Eric did with staying home and keeping their kids while she was down the street babysitting, she told me that she took Jaden, 11 and Caleb, 3 with her, leaving the 1 yr old, Noah with Eric. That way she could be sure that Jaden got his homework done and use Caleb to help entertain the other 3 yr old. When I expressed that that was a great idea, she finally confessed. Her friends children began to chase Jaden around the house, so that also kept Caleb busy. When she noticed that all 3  kids were then occupied with chasing Jaden, she took advantage of this and sat back and played Candy Crush. She said that her only job then was to look up every once in a while and yell, “quiet down a little, you’re getting a little to loud.” Apparently they were distracting her from being able to complete a new level. She was finally able to complete 2 new levels. She was so proud. Of course, the kids had a great night. Jaden didn’t have to do his homework, and the younger ones were late getting to bed, but that was insignificant to the fact that she was able to play CC without interruption. She convinced herself that it was good for Jaden to learn responsibility of taking care of younger children. I guess she will begin to use him to entertain Noah, giving her more time to complete lever 70. Honestly, I thought I did a better job of raising her. Note to self “write a little note to Jodi encouraging her to seek help for her CC addiction.”

I am so glad to I know that I could quit CC any time I wanted. I only play while watching tv, relaxing or in the middle of the night when I can’t sleep. I’ll get that note written to her as soon as I finish this next level.

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