Babysitting Blues

This weekend found us keeping our just turned 6 and 8 yr old grandsons. We cannot say that we babysat the 16 year old, because he would never speak to us again, but we did manage to have him here with us Saturday night and a few hours Sunday morning before he ran off to … Continue reading


There are many out there who remember the television series 24. We were so hooked on it that we used to have dinner parties with friends  at the beginning  and end of the season  so that the show became quite a huge tradition of watching this great show with close friends so that when we … Continue reading

Grandkids, Grandparents & Guns

This weekend our 10 year old grandson, Sevy stayed with us for 4 days. Both Randy and I thought about  when our kids were young, how we would take a sack filled with Matchbox cars, or Barbi’s to grandmas house to entertain the little darlings for the weekend. The grandparents felt fortunate if there was a new … Continue reading

Babysitting With Candy Crush

It is getting serious. My daughter just called for our morning visit. As always, I ask how her night went and what they did. She reminded me that she babysat her friends two children, which told me that son-in-law kept her kids, while she went to keep the other small children of her friend. So … Continue reading