Great & Simple French Dip Sandwiches

Today while at the grocery store , I saw bolero rolls, 2/$1 so bought 2 and decided that tonight we would have French Dip Sandwiches. I wadddled over to the cheese/sandwich meat aisle and picked up a package of Oscar Meyer sliced roast beef, Havarti cheese. Proceeded well, you are probably not really wanting to hear about each aisle I went down, so will just give you the recipe. We just finished these and Randy (oops, Peter Pumpkin) and I both agreed that they were delicious sandwiches. So try them next Fri night when you are tired and not wanting to cook.

1 package Oscar Meyer sliced roast beef

2 slices Havarti cheese

1/2 green bell pepper

1/2 onion, sliced

1/2 teas garlic powder

1 package McCormick or Lawry’s au jus gravy mix

2 bolero rolls (or sub rolls)


Prepare the au jus according to directions. Put gravy in small saucepan and add roast beef. Cook over low heat while you are sautéing the bell pepper and onion.

In a small skillet, melt about 1 tables butter. Add the sliced bell pepper and onion and cook until they are both tender. While you are stirring them, sprinkle the garlic powder over it.

Slice the rolls in half (but leave them attached on one side) Butter each side. Put rolls on a baking sheet. Place roast beef and veggies on roll. Place two thin slices of Havarti cheese  on the veggies on each one and place in a preheated 425 oven to melt cheese. (about 2 minutes)

Serve with au jus

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