Here A Cheerio, There A Cheerio, Everywhere A Cheerio

Cheerio Treats

Melt In microwave:

3 tables butter

10 oz miniature marshmallows

1/2 cup peanut butter, creamy or crunchy


5 cups plain cheerios

1 cup M&M’s

Mix well and quickly. It cools before you realize and becomes unworkable.

Press into long glass pyrex 9×13 (greased) pan. Cool and cut into squares.

The kids drove out of the driveway this morning and all is quiet on the home front. Except for the crunch every time I step on a Cheerio or petrified blueberry muffin from a few days ago. All that remains are sticky little fingerprints all over the place. Now I do have to admit that they are the cutest little fingerprints that you have every seen, but…because of how sticky they are, they will probably remain for quite some time, as it will take a couple of cleaning jobs to get them all off.

As they were walking out the door with the last of the bags, Caleb, the 3 year old, looked at me and began to tear up. My heart just melted. I picked him up and told him that Nana would come see him before too long or he could come back here whenever they wanted to come. I started to tear up and it was such an emotional moment until…he said that he needed to whisper to his mom. Of course, I knew what he would be whispering, “do I really have to leave Nana, I will miss her so much, please don’t make me go.” But because he was now crying full throttle, she had to ask him about 3 times what he was saying. Tears are still running down my cheek as my heart is breaking that he is hurting, having to leave. All of a sudden, Jodi begins to laugh and tells me that I can quit crying. He was upset because he was having to leave my Ipad. He said that my Ipad had more games on it and he didn’t want to leave the Ipad.

Once again, my bubble is burst. We all began to laugh, as we carried him downstairs to the minivan. (yes the same one that carried Thelma and Louise across the desert a few weeks ago).

The floors are now clean, the fingerprints are almost gone and the house is quiet. Guess I will sit and play one of Caleb’s games on my Ipad for a while. It’s weird. I thought for sure I would be glad when I didn’t have to share it with Caleb.  But I guess it wasn’t so bad having to share it.  I already miss his cute little voice saying, “let’s get this party started.” After being with them for 8 days, I almost don’t know what to do with myself. All the “breakables” are already put back in place and no more dirty diapers from Noah to remind me to take the trash out. Think I will go make the Cheerio treats now.  If there is not enough left in the box, I will gather the ones up that I have found in every nook and cranny.


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