Every Thing You Ever Wanted to Know About Your Mom (but have been afraid to ask)

This past week we have spent a couple of days with some of our adult kids in San Diego. There were times that in conversation, different things about myself were said that surprised our kids. When I mentioned that we were in my “homeland” of where I was born, my daughter in law and son in law told me that they never had heard that before and asked why they didn’t know that. I told them I guess they had never ask. It was at that point that I realized that as parents of adult children, all they know about us is what we have wanted them to know or what they have imagined us to be, as parents, never just a “person”.

We were out on Sunday night on the beach with a fire pit and having a s’mores night. It was a beautiful full moon, perfect temperature,  when I realized that as we were all sitting around in these little beach chairs (I commented that I could just stay here forever when Randy whispered that we might have to, he didn’t know if he could ever get up out of that “cute little beach chair”) that we were on the same level. Not really children and parents, but just people who were enjoying each others company, sharing stories and laughing as old friends. It was truly a Hallmark moment. Each day just got better and better as we listened to each other and shared experiences from our past that told much of what and who we were, as “people”. Suddenly, we found that we actually enjoyed being around each other, even though we were family, all different ages, different seasons of life and different likes and dislikes. But it worked. We ended our time together determined to get together more often. Jason and Tracy, thank you for initiating this time and inviting all of us to share your vacation.  Jodi and Eric, even though I know it takes great effort to pack and haul little ones around and work around their nap schedules, we are so glad you made the effort.  It was pure joy for us to be together and to experience you as really nice and gracious people, not just being our  “kids”.

Over a year ago when my dad died and different people got up to give stories about what he had done for them or tell about his likes and dislikes, I realized that he was a different person that I truly didn’t know. It made me sad that I never really knew my dad, other than just the man who took care of us. He was always so quiet and never talked much, so there was a lot I didn’t ever know. So, on a lighter note, thinking that our kids might not know certain things about me that might surprise them, I thought I would just write out different things about myself.

1. Yes, I was really born in a naval hospital in San Diego, Ca and lived there until I was two and my mom moved to Corpus Christi, TX.

2. Lived in a housing project until I was 5 with mother and daddy.

3. Learned to drive sitting on my dads lap when I was 10.

4. Said a really bad word (without knowing what it meant) when I was in 4th grade and was sent to the principles office. Only time in my life I was sent to the Principle.

5. Always wanted to be a flight attendant or movie star, but wouldn’t have traded being a mom for anything in the world.

6. Love to sit and read or play Candy Crush for hours, but guilt sets in and doesn’t allow me to do that for over an hour.

7. Still dream about having that special day when we would be able to get all 5 of our kids together with their families for a trip and have those pictures taken of the whole family with everyone wearing kaki pants and white shirts, standing at the edge of the water on the beach.

8. One of the most things I am proud of in my life (besides our kids and grandkids) is that I have almost competed a book to be published.

9. My bucket list includes:

1. Taking a cooking class in Italy

2. Going on a river boat cruise through Europe

3. Seeing all our grandkids loving Christ and serving Him.

4. One day having one of our grandchildren blow me a kiss or wink at me while they are playing an athletic event or the stage before they perform their skill.

5. Learning Zumba

6. Leading someone to Christ

7. Having our kids all present for a Christmas Eve service

8. Take acting lessons

9. Be in a commercial

10. That all our kids and kids-in-laws would know how much we truly love them and want the best for them.

My favorite color is shades of yellow, green and blue.

My favorite shows are The Middle and AGT

All time favorite movie is Pretty Woman

I love to name my cars, to give them a little personality

My favorite candy is Ethyl M and Dove

I don’t like to have my nails done, but like how it makes them look.

Would rather go out to eat than eat at home, but since I write a cooking blog, I make myself cook things other than desserts of which I love to make.

Love writing more than shopping

Going adventuring to different places or restaurants with Randy.

Would move every two years to a different house.

Love meeting people and getting to know them.

I enjoy and love my life and feel so blessed.

To each of our kids, I love you and enjoy being with you. Thank you for the grace you extend to us “oldies” and for letting us share different parts of your lives. Gives me lots of laughs and material for the blog.  Remember that when you are with me, what happens doesn’t stay just between us…it goes on Chocolate Castles! This sweet memory might have been a little less “sweet” had it been longer than a couple of days, but in my perfect little imaginary world, I like to think it would have just gotten better each day.

2 thoughts on “Every Thing You Ever Wanted to Know About Your Mom (but have been afraid to ask)

  1. what a great post and it’s scary we have so much in common…I want to take the Viking river cruise down the Rhine in Germany….would love to do the cooking class in Italy….take Zumba lessons (when I get the bad foot fixed)…My old Mercedes was called Klaus…No acting lessons but would love singing lessons…and I love your number 4….the grandchild winking or blowing a kiss before performing….I dream that my Miss B will play the piano and do that exact same thing….How funny that we are so far from each other but have so many of the same dreams……I love to meet new people also!! and happy I have met you!


  2. Hi Sue, I have been thinking about you as I thought last time we emailed you were headed to NY. How was the trip? We really are so much alike. Would love to meet you one day.


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