Trudyfest Week

What a great week this has been. It seems that the older we get, the better people treat you for your birthday. Is the fact that since most of my friends are a couple years older than I am that they are just excited that I am nearing the age of entering AARPVILLE? Or is it that the older we become, the more time people have to make special days,special? When Randy and I married, my mom told him that it was up to him now to handle Trudyfest. She had done it long enough and she was handing that responsibility over to him. It took me a few years to train him on how to celebrate Trudyfest, but he has finally got the hang of it. In years gone by, BR (before Randy), Trudyfest began July 1st and ran every day until July 11th. Because I was an only child, I was just a little spoiled, just a little. My aunt and uncle didn’t have children, so they  treated me as theirs. My aunt would give me a little present every day from the 1st through the 11th. Then when they passed, mother took that responsibility on. It wasn’t easy. Each day was suppose to top the previous day and because mother didn’t like to shop, she was just so glad when Randy stepped into the picture.

If I had realized that Randy’s birthday was July 2nd,our marriage might not have taken place, after all it now meant  that I now had to share some of “my days” with him. But, being the giving person that I am, I told him I would give him those two days and he wouldn’t even have to think about my birthday until July 3rd, but…the 3rd was as long as Trudyfest could wait. He said that if he marries again, he will look for someone whose birthday is the 1st of the month. When he complained that he only got two days to celebrate his special day, I told him that it wasn’t my fault that he was born on the 2nd. I was due on the 4th, but came a week later, probably because even then, I knew it would be smart to have that extra week. Girls just know those kind of things. Well, this year, we celebrated his birthday up in the mountains with some friends. The fact that he had ice cream several times during his 2 day celebration made him a happy camper. I made him a German Chocolate cake and never even mentioned out loud that he was now officially a senior citizen. I informed him that he better not dare think of wearing shorts and black socks together, just because he was “older”.  I made up some rules (why does he keep telling me I am controlling?) of what he can and cannot do, just because he was now 65.

1. He cannot allow the hair in his ears and eyebrows to grow longer than his mustache

2. When we are out with friends, he cannot talk about bowel movements or bathroom habits.

3. We cannot get to resturants before 6:00, even if they have blue plate specials up till 4:30

4. We will not start getting up at 5:30 a.m. just to get ahead of lines at the grocery stores or banks.

5. We will NOT start having our 3 pm. coffee break at McDonalds

And last, but not least…we will not sit and watch the weather channel, no matter if we are bored and have nothing else to do.

So..back to today. This week has truly been a great reminder of how blessed I am with sweet friends and a very sweet, thoughtful husband. Twice a year, he buys me scratch off lotto tickets, Christmas and my birthday. Tuesday night as Trudyfest was in full swing, we went out to eat and he presented me with a card with the tickets. He is so patient as I sit there during the meal and scratch off tickets, just knowing that this is the year I will hit it big. I did….$3.00.

He made up his rules for me…I cannot ever join the Red Hat Society or have blue hair

So Saturday, we will begin our day with a Mexican food breakfast and go shopping to spend my $3.00. It will be such a great way to end a week of celebration and fun. But it won’t end until 8 since we cannot eat before 6, it would make us look old.

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