Heading to Dallas

On Monday I leave to go keep my 8 year old grandson, Sevy, while his parents go away for a few days. I am going early to not only see other family and friends, but will also get to go to some of my favorite restaurants. There is just something about Texas restaurants. Maybe it is the way they welcome you when you walk in the door with , “hi ya’ll, how many are ya’ll” and then after you are seated, you just know in a minute, there is going to be a huge glass of sweetened tea placed in front of you. Will be gathering family gossip and new memories that will be posted throughout the week. Till I return on the 15th, “bye ya’ll”…(i’m getting in practice using my southern drawl that I’m afraid I might be loosing. After all, it has been over a month since I have been in Texas) OMGosh, I just remembered, there are grocery stores there that have every flavor of Duncan Hines cake mixes!!! But the most exciting thing,(excuse me, I mean “thang”) is that I will be able to have a Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper in my hand within the hour of being in Texas. Now, that my dear friends, is worth the price of the airline ticket. WHY CAN’T I FIND THESE IN CALIFORNIA????


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