Griswalds Family Vacation Comes to Pasadena

You have probably noticed that you haven’t seen a post on the ole blog for me in about 2 weeks. There is a very good reason for that. We have had out of town company which took me a few days to recover from having a 3 mo old, a 3 yr old and a 10 yr old in the house. Now I love grandkids as much as the next baby boomer grandmother (but please call me Honey Nonnie instead of Grandmother, just not ready to go there yet) but as sweet as these little darlings are, there is just an evil side to them that makes you just want to stand up and cheer as you watch the car back out of the driveway.

We came into the house and just stood at the doorway and didn’t say a word. We listened and just continued to stand there a minute in a daze. For the first time in 11 days, it was quiet. Not just quiet as when they are taking naps, but total silence. It truly was a Hallmark moment. We looked at each other and really couldn’t decide what to do next. Did we just want to go sit down and enjoy the silence? Did we want to dive in and de-babize the house as in picking up raw crushed macaroni off the floor, or pick up all the shoe horns that had been brought out of Randy’s closet? Did we want to begin to throw out the rest of the frozen chicken nuggets that would not be eaten or all the half drank cans of soda sitting there in the fridge? Would the toys in the bathtub be ok if we left them for a day?

We decided to just sit and rest. After all, it had been a while since we had had 3 grandchildren in the house for that long all at the same time. The TV was actually smiling that it wasn’t having to show 39 episodes of Sponge Bob today. We could actually watch what WE WANTED!!!

Before we sat down on the couch, we did notice that there were toys under the cushions and actually retrieved a Piggy balloon from the fireplace. There was money in the computer printer and pink fingernail polish on the flowered couch. Guess the 3 yr old decided that there weren’t enough flowers on the couch, so he added his touch to the artistry. The couch looks great with the new hot pink flower. Adds so much to the red flowers beside it.

Don’t get me wrong, these precious little “gifts from God” are so sweet, when they are sleeping. The naps just don’t last as long as we wanted.

We have now adjusted to our “normal” week when it is just Randy and I in the house. It’s odd that we look back at the week and now only remember the precious times of sitting on the couch holding the 3 month old and trying to get him to smile. Or walking with the 3 yr old down the street listening to him yell out at his pretend friends up in the trees, all the while collecting “pinecones” from the magnolia trees. The memory of the 11 yr old asking if he could make a pallet in our room so he could sleep in there. I loved that, because it will not be too long before he will be wanting to be as far away from “grandparents” as possible.  So we cherished the talks we had with him while taking him to get ice cream, just by himself, is priceless. Just like childbirth, you forget the energy and patience it takes to have kids in your house. We choose to remember the things that give us sweet memories.

After all, the raw macaroni was a great exfolliator for our feet. Think we will just leave it on the floor.

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