WaterMelon Tacos

While in the store two days ago, I was buying lettuce when  couple walk up and are standing by me buying lettuce. They begin to talk of getting everything they need to make Watermelon Tacos. I asked them what in the world that was and they told me that, “oh they are wonderful, you have to make them.” So they told me what they were. They said their kids loved them and they were the perfect dinner in the heat of the summer. So here it is:

1 pork tenderloin, baked according to directions and cooled and cubed

1 watermelon, seedless, cubed

1 cucumber, cubed

1 avoacado, cut into bite size pieces

2 tomatoes, cubed

Combine the above ingredients and toss with your favorite olive oil dressing. Serve inside romain leaves or flour tortillas

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