2 Days before Thanksgiving and Counting

This is the most wonderful time of the year! Days are cooler, ovens are baking and families are gathering. We are reminded just how blessed we are in so many ways. Devotion books remind us, preachers remind us, commercials on radio and tv remind us, but the ultimate reminder is when we receive a phone call from someone we had not heard from, or when the Dr calls and says the tests were negative. When you are at the store and you can buy anything you are needing to make the Thanksgiving dinner to share with friends and family. These are the reminders of truly how blessed we are as a nation and as individuals. No matter our circumstances at this time, we still have so much to be thankful for. This year has taught me to truly be thankful for God’s Hand of guidance on Randy and I as we made our way from Texas to California to a new season of our lives. We have virtually had to “start over” with new friends, a new place to live in a new city and state, new church, new ways of serving the Lord…..all these “new beginnings” have showed us both how faithful God has been to our lives. Not only are we so thankful for our friends back “home”, and all the memories, laughter and tears that we have shared with them, but we are so blessed to have new friends who are allowing us to make new memories with them and who have already become such an important part of our lives.

Since we just returned from Texas a little over 2 weeks ago, we won’t be sitting around the table with family this Thanksgiving, but we will be sitting down with new sweet friends who have invited us to their home. We will miss the ones who we are usually sitting with, but it will give us a chance to just think about how blessed we truly are to be sharing a most glorious Thanksgiving Day with new friends, making new memories, and exchanging laughter, love and friendship! 


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