Setting Up For Christmas on Saturday

We might have overdone it just a little this year. We just returned from storage where we piled as many Christmas boxes as we possibly could in our Mercedes Pickup, knowing all the while that it would take us probably 5-6 trips to get all the “Christmas Treasures”,or as Frosty calls it,”Christmas Stuff” from the storage unit to our little Christmas Workshop. It is so easy to get in a festive mood while going through the boxes, taking each snowman cautiously out and going from room to room trying to decide the perfect place for each item. While my head is in one of the boxes, I hear a Christmas carol and think to myself, “oh it is just so great to have all 3 of my Christmas clocks here and listening to Joy to the World, I hear the message machine come on.” Oh my gosh, it was the phone ringing. I forgot that Frosty found a Christmas Carol to play whenever the phone rings. So now, while running from room to room looking under each bed or closet trying to find Christmas platters, I now have to listen carefully for the carol. OK, I think I have this down now…if I hear Winter Wonderland, it’s the home phone ringing. If I hear Frosty the Snowman, it is Randy calling me on my cell. Jingle Bells is Jodi calling on cell, We Wish You a Merry Christmas is general public calling my cell. ALL the other carols are going to be one of the 3 Christmas clocks chiming away on the hour. Oh Wait, I forgot….Just bought a Josh Groban Christmas CD to play on the kitchen CD player….Oh my goodness, I don’t think I can remember all this….maybe I should just sit down and have a cup of tea in my new Christmas Carol playing tea cup and go over this list one more time….BUT…..on the way to the couch, I just cannot resist pinching the toe of my new little snowman Frosty bought me last year. That way I can do a little dance to “Rockin Round the Christmas Tree” with each sip of tea…..Something tells me that this is going to be one of Frosty’s best Christmases…..Gotta go, am headed to load 6 Christmas CD’s in my car. Oh my gosh, I just thought about something. Surely they have horns that play Mama Got Run Over By a Reindeer for the car…wouldn’t that be a great new addition to our Christmas Treasures this year?

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