Big Bear Lake, Here We Come

This is the greatest place….2 hours and you can go from crowded city to the mountains where snow awaits us. Some friends from church have invited us to their home up at Big Bear Lake, where the weather reports say that it was 19 degrees today with snow expected again over the weekend. Well, as most of you know, that is my favorite kind of weather and sends me into the kitchen faster than you can say, “which isle is the butter on?” so…have just finished making a chewy chocolate raspberry cake which I posted on the blog 2 days ago and a fresh apple cake with praline frosting is baking as we speak. Randy went last night and bought snow chains for the car and we are hoping to get snowed in for a few extra days so we can just sit and relax by the fire and munch on cakes, dips and pray for a blizzard to hit while we are up there. Next week, since we will probably be needing to thaw out, we will drive an hour south to Newport Beach and soak up rays of sunshine to remind us of the heat we left behind in Texas. Is this a great place or what? We are feeling a little guilty of all the free time we have here since no family lives here and we aren’t babysitting on Fri or Sat nights, nor are we watching grandkids play soccer on Saturday mornings at 8 a.m. WHAT AM I SAYING????? Have I gone over to the dark side already, in less than a year? Oh my, of course we DO certainly miss watching hour after hour of Sponge Bob and dining on Chick Fila on Saturday nights, chasing grandkids around the playground while we sit and finish off the chicken nuggets they never touched and reading one more “chapter” book before the little darlings will agree to turn out the lights, BUT…..I have to confess that Randy and I have really enjoyed the weekends of new adventures and new places to explore. Christmas is almost here, which will find us on the first available seats Southwest has to take us back to Sponge Bob, a naked little two year old running around because he won’t wear his training pants over 10 min, a 7 year old that chases you around with his little “precious” hamster and family that will act so glad to see us, whether they are or not. The holidays are upon us, but for this weekend, we are out for another new adventure with new friends who hopefully still be friends after spending the whole 3 day weekend with Peter and Penelope Pumpkin. Got to run and take out my apple cake. Say a prayer of thanks for the Veterans this weekend, who have given so much of their lives, time away from their families and much much more, for all of us. God bless the Vets and their families, we thank you for your sacrifice for us and for our Nation.

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