I am so excited. Tonight I am trying my first homemade flautas. Watching the today show the other morning, a lady was on there showing the difference between yellow, white and blue corn tortillas and I learned that the yellow corn held up much better than the white corn for frying nanchoes, taco’s and flautas. So tonight we are having flautas. Because I had some roasted chicken left over from another meal, I am shredding that and placing a tablespoon in the middle of a “Yellow” corm tortilla, then spooning a tablespoon of cheddar cheese over the chicken. Will then roll up the tortilla, put a toothpick in it and drop in in oil to fry until crisp. Then spoon some hot sauce over the flautas, place some shredded lettuce over that, some chopped tomatoes and we-la, you have homemade flautas. What an easy and quick supper this will be. I know it will be so much better than the frozen ones they sell at Costco….will report tomorrow on how Randy likes them. Happy Fall Ya’ll!

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