Rainey Wednesday

Wow,what a glorious day, it rained all day with temps in the 50’s. Energized me to clean out closets to make room for fall/winter clothes. Moving furniture the night before and now getting to wear jeans with sweater and jacket made for a most wonderful day. Randy even called to say the weather had got him in the mood for enchiladas so off we went tonight for Mexican food. A friend and I went for lunch today and ended up sitting there all afternoon. As the rain continued to fall, we would go get another bowl of soup and just continue our talking. This was the first “feel” of fall since moving to California. I was beginning to wonder if there would be days when there would be no sun, just clouds and rain and cool temperatures that would propel me to just bake all day. Today was the first of many “fall” days, I am hoping, to arrive all this month. The pantry is stocked with cream cheese, butter, bags of powdered sugar, plenty of cinnamon, chopped dates, pecans and enormous size bags of chocolate chips. Tonight I will go to sleep with thoughts of waking up, looking through recipes to choose which ones will start off my “fall food freenzie”. Something tells me that one of the first things in the oven will be blueberry apple cinnamon rolls! Sister Schubert, move over, Sister Trudy is in the kitchen.

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