Pasadena on $19.95 a Day

Well, our stories just keep getting better and better. Let me begin at the start. Randy rented us a truck from Uhaul today to continue our clean out of the storage and we had ordered a chair and buffet from Pier 1 for the kitchen, so I would have more space to store “goodies”. We thought as long as we had the rental truck we could pick up our order and clean out more stuff we didn’t have room for that we had brought from Texas. So we take our Halloween masks with us, knowing that we would be wearing them to haul the new items upstairs. To insure that the neighbors don’t recognize us, we stopped and bought Randy a wife beater shirt to wear with his Richard Nixon mask while unloading the truck here at the house. We don our masks and drop off unwanted furniture at the Thrift store and head to Pier 1 to pick up the new furniture. The back in of the Uhaul is loaded with more things to bring upstairs so we push that towards the front of the van and arrive at Pier 1. The nice young men help us load the 400 lb buffet in the back of the van and I am signing the papers when all of a sudden we hear a huge “crash”. We turn around and a sweet little ole lady has stepped on the gas instead of the brake and t-boned another car, swirled it around and she then crashes into us. Now she is trapped between the Uhaul and the other man’s car, so we are trapped there on the street at Pier 1 waiting for the police. After we check to be sure everyone is ok and they are, I immediately remember that I have no make up on, my hair is flat to my head and people are staring at us. We both look like we haven’t had a shower in days. The police come and we finally leave with the new furniture headed to our house. We arrive now, not only in a Uhaul van that has in huge orange writing all over the side “Rent Me for $19.95/day” but the whole side is totally smashed and makes the most awful sound, as the wheel is about to fall off. We quickly put on our mask and unload the old stuff into the trunk of my car. We are NOT going to bring any of this stuff in until after dark. Now we are trying to unload this huge buffet up the back steps (17 steps in all) and in the back door. It is so heavy that we have to stop with each step just so I can catch my breath. We make it finally up to the back door where it is still sitting until we can get the energy to move it where it will be permantely placed in the kitchen once I unload the piece of furniture that is where it will go. So tomorrow, we will have clean out day for two other pieces of furniture to make way for the two new pieces. We headed back to Uhaul, having to drive about 20 mph in case the wheel fell off, which it didn’t. It took a little over an hour to fill out the paper work and thank goodness Randy had taken out insurance on the van. So we turn it in and get back into our car and head home. We will be busy tonight unloading bags and boxes that are in the back of my car. But we’re not worried, we have already washed his wife beater shirt after a long day of loading and unloading. He is ready for dark to when we will empty out my car and make room for next Saturday….we found 3 thrift stores today that we haven’t had the chance to explore…….Hope they get the van ready before too long, sometime tells me we will be needing it in a couple of weeks.

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