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Yesterday, WordPress informed me that my next post, which is this one, would be my 500th post and the blog has received 14,290 views over the past two years. I decided that instead of posting a recipe for the 500th post, that I would give you a little history of why I began this blog. Back in 2009, Randy and I went to see Julia Julia and during the movie he leaned over to me and said, “you should be doing that and if you don’t, shame on you”… walking out of the theater, I decided then and there that the recipes that were continually being requested or when phone calls came asking me for ideas of what to cook; these items should be on the blog. So the very next day I began to blog. My son, Jason, had mentioned a year before this that I should be putting all my recipes on a blog so they would be in one place, but being the lazy, undisciplined person that I am, I put it off. But now, well, I was determined and felt that God had spoken to me through Randy, so hence, the blog. As I began to post recipes, stories began to come to mind that I just felt I wanted to share, and as I began to write, ideas just kept coming. Cooking is one of my passions, but people are even more so, and as Randy and I had many opportunities to open up our home, I began to realize that it really wasn’t the cooking that was my passion, but serving and cooking for others. Because of that, each and every time we have had people into our home, we have been so blessed to share with others a sweet time of fellowship around the table. That is one of my greatest joys. Sitting around the table, eatting and sharing our hearts and thoughts, laughter and sometimes tears……but each of these occassions has given me the desire to try and capture how much we both enjoy sharing food with friends and people that we hoped would be new friends.
Thank each of you for reading this site and for all the encouraging comments….To God be the Glory….for His faithfulness, for His inspiration and for His goodness to our family. Chocolate Castles has been not only fun to write, but has been a joy to my heart to share so many special times in our lives with you. Hope to hear from you from time to time, and again, thank you for your friendship and encouragement! Please feel free to share the blog with your friends and family!

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