Pumpkin Cheesecake Pie

I just can’t help myself. When I know that Fall is almost here, I start to pull out pumpkin recipes. Today, I even pulled out an orange shirt in honor of the first cool day being just around the corner (probably 40 to 60 days, but we will take it when we can get it). … Continue reading

French Vanilla Orange Raspberry Cake

One of my Bff’s is having a dinner party for her work friends tonight and I volunteered to make the dessert for her party as she is not one of that loves to spend time in the kitchen…other than putting a frozen TV dinner in the microwave. When I began to describe a few of … Continue reading

Whipped Cream Pecan Pie

This is the first pecan pie recipe that has whipping cream in it. And trust me, it is outstanding. Made it for dinner tonight. My sister-in-law and brother -in-law came over and we all agreed that it was fantastic. A little fluffier than the normal pecan pie, not quite as sweet and simply great. 3 … Continue reading

Creme Brulee Cheesecake

Enough healthy foods for the week, let’s get back to basics of life, desserts! This recipe comes from Southern Lady 2013 and since Peter Pumpkin loves crème brulee, this will certainly get him in the mood to go pumpkin shopping. Makes 1 (9″ cheesecake Crust: 2 cups firmly packed vanilla wafer crumbs 1/3 cup sugar … Continue reading

Red Velvet Christmas Cheesecake

This cake is so picturesque that Southern Living made it their December Cover shot. What a grand dessert to serve your family and friends. Taken from SL, this combines red velvet cake with cheesecake. Theirs is a homemade version. To simplify and quicken the procedure, I am going to make my Duncan Hines Red Velvet … Continue reading

Cranbery Christmas Cake

I have taken this cake to about 10 different friends since making it this past week. Everyone has loved it and most have requested the recipe. I actually found it on Face Book and since the picture looked so good, I decided to give it a try. So glad I did. It is just really … Continue reading