S’More Cookies*

Mr. Smarty Pants made his point that he was tired of running back and forth to get baking items for me when he brought this home this weekend. I put it beside the 25 lb sack of sugar that he made me buy and told him that I had had enough of his smart alec … Continue reading

Chocolate Caramel Thumbprints

Before leaving Phoenix last Saturday, we stopped at a place called Kneaders to grab a bite, and a sack of cookies, just in case something should happen and we were trapped in the desert for a couple of hours with no chocolate in the car. The chocolate caramel cookie with sea salt called my name … Continue reading

The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie

Since we have been on the road since feb 5th I have not cooked!  We have been exploring some of our most fav restaurants in each city that we land in!  Today my hubby surprised me and took me to Lubys Cafeteria where we partook of their great turkey and dressing.   I know it … Continue reading

Chocolate Thumbprint Rasperry Cookies

Two weeks ago, I posted this recipe for a few minutes, but quickly deleted it when I realized that I wasn’t suppose to put it out on the blog before sending out these cookies made from this recipe. I have made these twice now and have taken them to several people and these cookies get … Continue reading

March Munchies

It is finally here, the time of year when we begin to think about capris, sandals and possibly traveling. It is beyond me how someone might plan a car trip without thinking about what they might snack on for the 500 miles they are cooped up in the car, sometimes with small children or even … Continue reading

Almond-Oat Lace Cookies*

  If you read the blog on Monday, you will remember that we went on a Chocolate Tour over the weekend. We even made our hubbies go with us. Because of the awesome chocolate treats that awaited us at each stop, they really got into the Chocolate Tour moment*(see inset picture)At one of the stops, … Continue reading


I know, I know, there are a million zillion recipes out there for these delightful little cookies, but I happened to buy bagged  4.25 lb Gold Medal flour instead of the flour that comes in the paper sack and this recipe was on the back. It is different than the others I have made because … Continue reading