Brussels Sprouts & Cauliflower Gratin

Why is it that when I post something other than desserts I feel like I am becoming a health nut? It’s not that I don’t ever cook veggies or salads, but it just isn’t as much fun to read about Brussels Sprouts or Cauliflower as it is chocolate, cream cheese, whipping cream or brownies, unless you … Continue reading

Bacon It Right

Yesterday on Face Book, (and of course if it is on FB you know it is true!) I watched a video of the correct way to fry bacon. Since our grandson, Sevy is addicted to bacon and always check to see if we have it on hand before he says he will come over, I … Continue reading

Sizzling Cupcakes

Still in Arizona and when we get a minute to relax, after the 3 kids are given a half bottle each of Benydryl, (we just knew that they were going to get a runny nose so we were prepared, so we loaded up on it at CVS) and are sleeping ever so soundly, we turn … Continue reading