Italy By The Sea

Here we are in beautiful Sorrento. What a most gorgeous place of rest and calm. After spending a month in Rome, where we were truly able to immerse ourselves in the everyday life of a Roman, we are enjoying the tranquility of the water, the ability to walk in ally sized cobblestone paths without tour groups! Each little ally takes us deeper into the heart of Sorrento! The storefronts full of everything lemon. The bistros vie for your attention, each promising us a experience of homemade pasta,snd fresh fish, all with a wave of hand of invite and a broad smile. We had quite an experience two nights ago. As we strolled (yes we can stroll here, as the crowds are non existent at this point) in search of where to have dinner, Randy could tell his medication was nearing its time of effect! When this happens (for those of you who do not know us personally, he has Parkinsons) his balance gets off and until he gets meds into his system, it is hard for him to walk! As we stood there for me to dig out the meds from my purse, a man from one of the booths came out and brought out a chair for Randy. A lady from the store across the way also came over to help Randy sit down. Because they could see me handing over some medicine to Randy, the man (Bruno) went to get a cup of lemonade and the lady stayed with me until Bruno returned. I explained the situation and Bruno told Randy to sit there as long as he needed! Because the meds take about 15 min before they take effect, I stood there while a couple from UK walked by. They had known Bruno 20 years and come back every year to Sorrento. They began showing us pictures of an island they had toured the day before! By this time Randy is fine so we ask Bruno where we should have dinner! He said he would take us to one of his favorite places, no tourist he says! As we begin to walk, he grabs Randys arm and tells him to lean on him and walks us to the restaurant. He left his place of business to do this. No one else was in his store to take care of it. When we got to the restaurant, he introduced us to the owner and his wife who had just married last month. He told them to take good care of us….and that they did! Immediately they brought us a glass of champagne and an appetizer of a broccoli/polenta/parmesean cheese paste with bread. We were not charged for any of that. When we walked back by to thank him, he was so gracious. The following day as we walked down the same street, the lady who had come over to help us, waved us over to ask Randy how he was and told us she was very glad he looked much better! We are just so thankful for God faithfulness of putting sweet people in our paths!

After such a sweet experience that evening, last evening found me in a, well, let me begin! For two nights there have been about 100 Ferraris in town. They are parked up Corao Italia where our apartment is located. So we enjoy the cool evenings of walking and looking at all the expensive cars that Randy dreams about! Well, last night we were walking home after dinner when I remembered that we needed to stop and buy Cokes and Bottles of tea! I told Randy he could just keep looking at the cars and dreaming and i would go into the little wine shop for our drinks. The money I had in my purse allowed me to buy 2 teas/2 cokes. The guy ask me if i needed a bag, but thrifty me, not wanting to pay for an extra bag told him i would just use the bag that i had with me. It was a little bag which held a linen shirt i had just bought after dinner on our way back home. All 4 drinks fit and I’m all set to go home when all of a sudden the handle on the bag tore and the drinks scattered! Of course you know where they landed! They rolled under the $500,000 car that was parked right there. Randy is off looking so there i am crawling under the car to retrieve my drinks. As I’m trying to stretch my arm to grab one of them before it rolls further under, I realize I’m on my stomach with my legs sticking out from under this elegant car. I hear a lady say “Mame, can you reach it or do you need me to help?” As i rolled myself out from the car, it was then I realized that i had to use the car for support to be able to stand up! These cars were not to be touched! But thank goodness, i escaped arrest and quickly walked to our door as Randy walks up and says,” where were you? I’ve been looking for you! I pointed to the car and said,”you really dont want to know”

Today we are in lounge chairs out by the water! Ferry boats cruise by taking folks to Capri as we conjure up the nerve to walk down the steps to the beautiful clear water. Yes, the time here will allow us to rest up for heading back to Rome to welcome some of our kids. Maybe Sorrento is one of those places God created to give us just a little glimpse of what Heaven might be like!

One thought on “Italy By The Sea

  1. Praise God for kind people! We had a similar experience with Italian s in Venice where we were taken to a local restaurant and treated to food and beverages many at no charge! I love Italy and all the people! However, I did not have an experience of finding myself under a too expensive car…., only you Trudy, only you!!! LOL!! Love this post and definitely want to go back to Sorrento. We loved it there too but only had one day there.


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