Pumpkins & Cherries

Do not worry, this is not a recipe that combines the two. Simply a post which speaks of some memories through the years as we begin to think of Fall which leads to Thanksgiving, which leads to memories of some of my greatest things to be thankful.(remember that women’s brains are like spaghetti and one thought leads to another) Most of those memories are probably the same as some of yours, health, protection, provision and seeing God’s Hand of faithfulness in our lives, no matter our circumstances. But then there are other things, Things that might not seem like blessings at the time, but have filled my heart with joy through the years. When I bought that pretty little pitcher, it never dawned on me the joy of memories I would have from serving so many from it.

As I washed my little pitcher this morning to make ice tea for the day, some memories came flooding back to me. Randy and I had just been married a short time when he decided to take me to my first Cracker Barrel. Yes, I was 46 and had never eaten at a Cracker Barrel, I know, and I call myself a Southern Girl. Thank goodness, I kept that a secret for a long time. But, here we were walking in and giving our name to the hostess when we were informed that it would be about 30 minutes before she could seat us. That didn’t bother me one iota. There, now you can tell I really am Southern. As my eyes quickly darted around the salesroom, it was all I could do to contain myself and tell Randy that instead of eating here, could I just spend the money I was going to spend on pancakes for some of the goodies that was quickly calling my name. My eyes landed on the most precious little pitcher with cherries painted all over it with a red lid. Randy quickly realized that we would not be leaving without this quaint little pitcher. That was 22 years ago and it is still the pitcher we use every day for tea. It is one of those little treasures that I wrap ever so carefully with each move we make. As I think back about the people that have poured tea out of that pitcher, it brings back so many precious memories of so many different folks we have had in our homes. As Randy and I close our devotion and prayer time each day, we close with the same scripture prayer,
“O Lord, that you would bless us indeed, that you would enlarge our territory, that Your Hand would be upon us, that we would not cause pain.” I Chronicles 4:10. And bless us, He has. Our different moves to different parts of the country have certainly enlarged our territory and given us so many friends, of whom, continue to bless our lives.

This week has been the designated week which we pull out the Fall Decor and hope that as the pumpkins adorn our tables, the temps will get the hint and begin to “fall”. It got the hint. It is only 103 today instead of 106. Ah…the magic of pumpkins. But once again, as I place the pumpkins and foliage around the house, different memories come that make me realize how truly blessed we are. As I think back to last year and the year before, trying to remember just how and where I placed the different pumpkins, it is impossible to not think about how God showed Himself faithful to us this past year. Have I taken the time to just thank Him for the strength to do what I am doing this week? Have I thanked Him for the memory of knowing where the pumpkins are suppose to go. Do I take for granted the fact that I can get out of bed and walk to the kitchen and make pumpkin muffins? Do I give thanks for friends who drop by to share a new recipe with me for pumpkin cake?

We all have so much to be thankful. As we place each pumpkin out this year, why not pause and give thanks for blessings that comes to mind. Then, after you finish decorating, sit with a glass of tea and write a note or text to someone who has been a blessing to your life. Remember, “life is just a bowl of cherries” and lets add this year, “each day, give Him thanks for His Faithfulness and blessings to our lives, no matter how small.”

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