Friday Blue Plate Special

I love Fridays. It makes me think of what all I want to bake for the weekend and who can I invite to have dinner with us. It is fun to immediately think, “wow, we can watch Netflix until midnight if we want and still sleep in on Saturday and so what do I want to bake for a Republic of Doyle, or Call the Midwife or our new favorite, I’ll Have What Phils Having” marathon?”
Last night, since we had Mexican food that we had not eaten at a favorite Mexican restaurant at lunch, instead of me having to make dinner, I choose to go ahead and make our dessert for tonight. Tonight is a great night. Friends are coming over for dinner for spaghetti and meatballs and ta da…..Tuxedo Cake, before taking off for game night at the clubhouse.
That is probably my favorite cake outside of wedding cake. Of course Randy and I had to go ahead and have a slice. We couldn’t go from 8 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. last night without dessert, so a slice we had.

Tuxedo cake is very simply a chocolate cake with almond flavored buttercream frosting with chocolate ganache poured over the top. Not only is it beautiful but gives me that almond flavor that I love. This year a very special lady and friend gave me one a most favored gift. A cake server/keeper. Not only is it the color of my kitchen, but it has what has become my motto written on the front:
“Made With Love & Butter” How could I not love it? So tonight, The recipe for this wonderful cake is on the blog already, so I’m not going to post it again, but simply put Tuxedo cake in the search bar and it will pop up. Will post the recipe for my spaghetti & meatballs tomorrow.
Have a great and blessed weekend, but remember no matter what you make, make it with Love & Butter!

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