He Goeth Before Me

This morning’s devotion brought back a memory of a poem that I saw years ago. As I was substitute teaching at First Bapt school Jr High in Dallas, TX, I was walking around the room looking over some of the students projects they were working on. As I stood behind a young lady, who was working on a poem, it was so powerful and spoke to my heart that I have remembered it all through the years. In todays devotion from Cheque Book of the Bank of Faith, it once again, came to my thoughts as I read the following:

“He goeth before you into Galilee, there shall ye see him, as he said until you.” Mark 16:7

“Where he appointed to meet his disciples, there he would be in due time. Jesus keeps his tryst. If he promises to meet us at the mercy seat, or in public worship, or in the ordinances, we may depend upon it that he will be there. We may wickedly stay away from the appointed meeting place, but he never does…
where two or three are met together in my name, there am I. He doesn’t say, “there will I be, but ” I am there already.”
Jesus is always first in fellowship. He goeth before you. His heart is with his people, his delight is in them, he is never slow to meet them. In all fellowship, he goeth before us.”

It was these words that brought back the poem, which I remember so vividly to this day. The young lady was writing a poem about a young man who was in a cafe, waiting for his fiancé. After a couple of hours passed without her showing up, the waitress ask him if he would like the check for his drink so he could leave. His response to her was, “oh no thank you, I”m sure she will be here, as she promised to meet me here today.” So he waited. Hours passed without a sign of her. Many attempts from the waitress to give him a check so he could leave always brought the same response, “oh no thank you, I will just wait, as she promised she would come and meet me.” At the end of the poem, the man in the poem was Jesus. The fiancé he was waiting for was you and I.
It brought tears to my eyes thinking about how many times had I promised the Lord I would meet with him in the morning and then got busy doing my own thing, and thinking, that maybe the day which dawned before me would slow down a bit and I would take a moment to sit down for a minute to read my Bible and pray. But then, it never happened.
Yet Jesus, God’s Son, has promised us that He will always be there waiting for us, as He has said in His Word. What is keeping you and I from meeting Him today? What is truly more important that meeting with the King of the Universe, our Creator? The answer to that question is nothing. Nothing should take priority over our meeting with our Lord, yet, then we wonder why He doesn’t speak to us. Where is God when we need Him? He is always there and will always meet us at our point of need, “he goeth before you into Galilee; there shall ye see him, as he said unto you.”
Before going into where ever your Galilee is, let’s take time to meet with Him that He would have a chance to speak to our hearts. He is the lover of our souls. “And we shall see him, for he promises to come to those who believe him, and to manifest himself to them. Rest assured that it will be so, for he does everything according to his word of promise…and be assured that to the end he will do for you as he said unto you.

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