Ice Cream Cake

IMG_5829August…ice cream month! So to celebrate that special time, I made an ice cream cake for bunco tonight. It is so simple, yet so flavorful and yummy! Layers of Klondike bars, intermingled with caramel, hot fudge, and Cool Whip.

4 packages of Klondike bars, (the flavors are up to you, but I use the double chocolate and original ones)

1 pint of cookie dough ice cream (or another flavor if you prefer)

1 (16 oz) container of Cool Whip

1 (8 oz) container of Cool Whip

Jar of Hot fudge
jar or salted Caramel

4 sugar cones, broken up into pieces

Maraschino Cherries for topping

Using a deep dish 9×13″ casserole, unwrap 6 Klondike Bars and place them in bottom of dish. Either cut up about 2 more Klondike bars or fill in with some of the pint of cookie dough ice cream to fill in spaces. Microwave (took about 20 seconds) the caramel sauce until you can Drizzle caramel sauce over this layer of ice cream. Cover with the 8 oz of Cool Whip. You will then need a little of the 12 oz container of Cool Whip to completely cover the bars. Then place more of the Klondike Bars to make a second layer. Fill in with cut up Klondike bars or more of the pint of ice cream. Microwave (about 15-20 seconds) the hot fudge until you can drizzle it over the ice cream bars.Finish filling in any empty spots with the cut up Klondike bars or the rest of the pint of ice cream so that you have no empty spaces left. Cover with the rest of the Cool Whip. Top the Cool Whip with drizzling more of the caramel and hot fudge. Crush up 3-4 sugar cones and spread over the top of cake and then top this with maraschino cherries! Cover and freeze until needed. You might want to take the cake out of the freezer about 10 minutes before serving to soften it a bit before cutting.
Makes 12-15 pieces.

2 thoughts on “Ice Cream Cake

    • Hi Chrissie, it was so good. The ladies loved it! Next time i thank I will put some of the crushed sugar cones but tween the layers of the Klondike bars because they added so much crunch and flavor. Also i have made it with one layer of ice cream sandwiches and one layer of the Klondike bars. But be sure if you do that to put the sandwiches on the bottom and the Klondike bars on top miss seeing u, trudy!


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