Bullet Blog

I’ve been noticing some of the blogs are being written as bullet points so those who are in a hurry can just glance at the posts and hurry back to what ever they were doing.  So instead of my usual very wordy posts, I thought I would try it to see how it is received and maybe that will give you more time to text or cook or work or read a novel. So here goes!

Trudy’s Tuesday Tidbits.

*making breakfast for 6 ladies tomorrow

*sitting here watching  RC shampoo carpet while I blog

*mentioned I liked the smell of vinegar to RC and he told me he would buy me a bottle of that instead of perfume for my bday and save money since I liked the smell of it so much! He’s very romantic like that!

*Excited to make a veggie dinner tonight with Brussels sprouts, collard greens, honey carrots and mashed potatoes with sliced tomatoes and corn bread (oops see I’m already getting wordy and I’m only on the 4th point)

*trying to talk myself into going to the pool but just looking at my bathing suit makes me wonder if, by the time I get it pulled up am I going to have to pull it down to go potty!

*enjoyed a new friend coming over yesterday to learn how to make scones (recipe is on blog under “cream scones”)  We sampled them and visited   Lovely morning!

*watching my hubby pack up our new cordless vacumn to take back and feeling very blessed to have such a precious husband who will do anything in the world for me!

*looking forward to watching AGT tonight with a slice of chocolate cake in front of me! (The perfect chocolate cake (recipe is on blog under that title) trust me…it is the perfect chocolate cake and I have friends who will vouch for that!

*got my AZ DL yesterday so guess my new fav flower will now be a cactus instead of a magnolia blossom!

That’s my thoughts for today! Go and be a blessing!!!! Trudy

4 thoughts on “Bullet Blog

  1. 1. 2-piece tankini solves the potty problem
    2. Here: baked chicken with Italian breadcrumbs & jalapeño salt, baked potato, salad
    3. I love all of your words so do what ya do!


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