Fresh Blackberry Pie

We came home from a new adventure the other day of going to a produce market!  The produce and the prices were amazing!  We came home with a crate of blackberries which were $3.50 and 3 pints of blueberries which cost us a whopping $1.   So since I had never made a homemade blackberry pie I just had to make one! So here is the beginning and ending! Can’t wait for it to cook just a bit to try it!  All I did was add  some sugar, lemon juice and a bit of flour, stirred  into the rinsed berries and poured them into a homemade buttery pie crust!  Was going to take it to our monthly pot luck tonight but peter  Pumpkin said “oh no your not, I’m not sharing that with anyone”. He is just the sweetest thing! So have a buttermilk pie in the oven to take, since that is not one of his favorites! (Although it is my fav, but that’s just the kind of person Penelope Pumpkin is, kind and sharing) ok ok, I admit I made two one for sharing and one to sit and eat all by myself! If you live within or around Mesa, this place is worth your time or trouble to get to! Superstition Ranch Produce Market on Main and  48th!

2 thoughts on “Fresh Blackberry Pie

    • I had never been to a produce market like this one. It was just amazing and such awesome prices. We just had the corn on the cob, spinach, and cauliflower tonight that we got there. Send me a picture of the new light pic you end up buying.


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