Fall Fettish

I have a problem. Hello, my name is Trudy and I’m a pumpkinholic! Randy is getting a little worried now. It seems that I simply cannot pass up a pumpkin, real or not. When we went again (yes, yesterday was our second trip to storage to find the missing box of more Fall decor, which I knew had my pumpkin that said, “Happy Fall Ya’ll” in it) to storage to find some missing pieces which I knew we had just overlooked last Saturday on our first trip to load boxes of Fall stuff. Sorry, but we are way beyond calling it Fall Decor and am now to the point that it has become “stuff”. It all started out being called my “Seasonal Treasure Boxes, now it’s called, “just more stuff”, as per Peter Pumpkin. I reminded him that since we no longer have a house phone to change our voice mail message to Peter and Penelope Pumpkin, he could at least be a little more sensitive to my need to fill our home with pumpkins, spices and everything nice, which in my thinking is more pumpkins.

So, realizing that we don’t have what we need to make my Fall Glass block with lights, we are off to Hobby Lobby this morning to find lights and another tree for the perfect Fall Tree to adorn our Arizona Room. After rummaging through the 40 or so boxes yesterday in storage, we found only half of the tree. Randy agreed that since it was over 10 years old, he would break down and buy me another tree. After all, who doesn’t need 3 Fall trees in their house? I told him that Peter Pumpkin needed a attitude adjustment. Besides, we don’t have room now for 3, only 2, so he could quit with the sarcasm.

Assuring him that I would call the help line as soon as I finished decorating, he began to help me put up the Fall wreath, put the lights on the Fall tree  we already have and even helped wash our Fall Pumpkin plates, and then handed me the phone.

Boy, will he be surprised when our T-shirts arrive with our names, Peter & Penelope printed around  a pumpkin on the front. Hope it gets here in time to wear to my support group.


7 thoughts on “Fall Fettish

  1. Right there with you, Miss Pumpkin head.:) I am so ready to start bringing down the fall stuff. It all looks beautiful so sit back now and enjoy a piece of pumpkin pie and relax.


  2. I love the idea of fall, Trudy. it help us feel the temp fell cooler right? I mean we still have sept and oct to get thru. so bring on the pumpkins, the fall leaves and the pine cones. i just have to dig out the buckets this weekend and get started. I did find a pretty new runner to set the stage for my table at Ross and am going back for a couple of white ceramic pumpkins, so happy fall y’all! thanks Trudy for the inspiration!


    • Hi ML, it does help set the stage for that first fall morning when we get to sit out on porch without having to go in and change our clothes because they are sticking to us, as they do now. Send me pics of your new runner. Thanks for commenting. See you soon for Bible Study!


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