Old Man In Ojai

Since it is almost Fathers Day this old post came up in my FB memory today! When I Reread it to Randy just now he looked at me and said,”look It’s been 3 years and I’m still using a cane, still eating donuts but in a new place to go exploring”! That’s my hubby! He is always ready to go see what mischief we can get into !

Chocolate Castles

Yesterday we planned a trip to go explore a new place about a 2 hour drive from our house. It is a beautiful little town nestled in the valley just east of Santa Barbara. Friends have told us that we just have to go and see this place, as it is truly a great little place to spend the day. So we had made up our minds that this weekend, we were going to get out of the hustle bustle of schedules and just eat anything we wanted and go explore. So Saturday morning, we got in the car and headed out. I had told Randy to make this an official “exploring, do anything kind of day” we would need to start off pretty soon with some junk food, so we decide to find a Starbucks knowing that we could always munch on their lemon loaf cake and down that…

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