Traveling Delicacies

We are headed back to Texas! We have been in Phoenix where we went looking for a house! We found just the perfect one for us! Actually we looked at it last August for the first time! It had just been listed and the minute I walked in the door, I could sense the feel of “home”! We returned to Phoenix again in November, after being in CA, to see our kids and to once again go “looking”! The house was still available! When we were told that it would not be available to buy until the end of April, we began to ask the Lord to please “hold” it for us! And that He did! We went back this past Saturday and put a contract in it! We are thrilled that God showered us with this gift of the only house we looked at that, each time we looked at it, there was just not any negative in it! We loved the beautiful back yard, the Arizona room (that’s the fancy name for screened in porch) and all the windows just was exactly what we wanted!

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