Redwoods & Community

October 1st…such a glorious morning. What a perfect day to go out and walk, with the temperature at 65, there was truly no reason that I should not be out walking and enjoying this beautiful Fall morning. The tennis shoes were laced and the earphones were plugged in and out I went.  Having downloaded some sermons, I began to listen to Rick Warren. He was talking about how our life can be more meaningful if we live with a sense of serving where God has placed us. He told about the giant redwood trees in Northern California. They are truly a sight to behold, as they stretch into the heavens, sometimes 400 to 500 feet tall.  He explained that they have hardly any root system and to survive they are always grown in clusters, so their roots intertwine, thus giving each support from the others. They could never survive alone, because of their root system, but together, they grow strong and can stand the storms and wind that would otherwise break them.

Just like in our lives, we are not meant to live alone or feel that we don’t need anyone. We are made to be a part of others,  to look out for each other, “thinking as other’s more important than ourselves.”

He explained that his church had just finished 40 days of challenge of reaching out and serving the community. It convicted my heart that just because we have more time on our hands than ever before, we didn’t just need to be living for ourselves. Our kids are grown, we are both retired and we have no excuse for not seeking out ways to share the gifts and abilities that God has blessed us. So I feel convicted to challenge myself for the next 40 days to truly ask the Lord each morning, “please put someone in my path today that needs either a meal, a phone call, maybe a handwritten note, a visit to a sick friend.”

October 1st…such a glorious morning. A day to begin to reach out to others!

P.S. Before I finished this posting, my phone beeped with a text from a friend who is needing meals brought to their home, due to an accident. Day 1 Challenge…taking a meal!

Anyone care to accept this 40 day challenge to see how the Lord might be wanting to use you?

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