Labor Day in Big Bear

Just finished talking to our dear friend who made this post possible and thought I would repost it since this past weekend was so different from our Big Bear Labor Day… Thanks Bonnie & Arnie for the memories, we love you in spite of the torture we endured!

Chocolate Castles

This past weekend, we were invited to a friend’s house up in the mountains at Big Bear Lake. We were told, “well, you poor things, you have had so much company and must be tired, why don’t you and Randy come up for the long weekend so you can rest, sit out on the patio and read and we will just relax and have lots of quiet down time.”

Well, my goodness, did that sound like a great weekend or what? So Randy and I headed to the mountains Friday afternoon, with nothing packed except lots of books to read, an extra pillow for those long afternoon naps and pen and paper for writing some long overdue letters. After all, we would have plenty of time to write, being that we would be sitting outside with our feet up, laying our heads back to soak up the gorgeous sunlight, all…

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