Drive Thru Memories

Last Saturday night, our 11 year old grandson, Sevy came over while his parents went out to eat. Because Peter and Penelope had been digging out Fall decorations all day and I had been climbing up and down the ladder decorating the fall trees that inspire me to bake (like I really need the trees to get me in the mood to bake) anything thing that has apple, pumpkin or cinnamon in it. So as soon as Sevy walks in the door, he wants to know what there is to eat. It is 7:00 p.m. and I had just finished cleaning up the kitchen and was all prepared to go sit down for a long winter’s nap (oh wait, that is not suppose to happen until December). My feel were aching and swollen from all the ladder climbing and going barefoot all day, so when Sevy told me he was hungry, I felt that the best thing to do was just ask him if we could just drive to get something instead of me standing and cooking something for him. He agreed and said that he would love to go to Chick Fila. I grabbed the keys and heard Peter in the background yelling, “since you are going to Chick Fila, would you bring me one of those lemonade cream shakes?” Of course we would be glad to. So out the door Sevy and I go. Just getting to sit down in the car was such a relief. As we were headed to get chicken nuggets, Sevy says, “you know Nana, I forgot I had Chick Fila for lunch, maybe a Whataburger sounds good.” Of course, anything for our little angel. So off we go to Whataburger. For those of you who are not familiar with Whataburger, the drive thru lines around dinner or lunch time tend to be 15 minutes or longer. But it is always worth it. We get up to the order box and Sevy tells them that he wants a double meat whataburger, plain and dry with no bun….the lady at the other end doesn’t understand ordering a Whataburger without a bun, so I just tell her to put it on a bun and we will throw it away. This avoided another 5 minute conversation with the young lady who just couldn’t grasp ordering no bun. So we get Sevy’s order and he munchies down as I drive. Because I felt badly that Randy (Peter) had worked so hard all day undoing Fall boxes in the hot garage and bringing them in for me, I didn’t want to go home without his Lemonade Cream shake. So I told Sevy that we would just drive the couple of miles to Chick Fila for Pops shake. We drive up in the parking lot and the line is about 15 cars long, but I thought, “sevy is happily eatting and drinking his chocolate shake and my feet are throbbing so I’m just going to wait it out in the drive thru line. We inch along and 20 minutes later we are up next to order when I look up at the order board and see all the different kinds of donuts that are available. I said, “Sevy, I didn’t know Chick Fila started selling donuts.” He said, “Nana, they don’t we are in the Krispy Kreme drive thru”

What??? How did I do that? So as soon as the car in front of us pulled up enough for us to get out of line, we haul next door to the Chick Fila drive thru. Again another 15 minute wait, but anything for my little Pumpkin back home who was expecting a cold creamy Lemonade shake.

It was then that memories of taking Sevy’s dad and Jamin and Jodi came rushing back. Times after ball practice when I would go to 3 different drive thrus because they all wanted something different and it was easier to do that than to try to get them to decide on the same thing. DO NOT JUDGE ME, none of them are in jail, they all have jobs and and they all call on Mothers Day!

We get Pops drink and pull out of the parking lot. Sevy sees the Dunkin Donut store and says, “you know what sounds so good right now are the little jelly munchkins” Well, what are grandmothers for except to spend ALL NIGHT SATURDAY NIGHT AT 4 DRIVE THRU’S?  So off we go to Dunkin Donuts to get a bag of Munchkins for the lad. Luckily we were the only car in the drive thru. After all, who buys donuts at 8 pm on Saturday night? I guess we do.

We walk in the door a little over an hour later and hand over the Lemonade Cream Shake. When I ask if Peter was the least bit worried that we had been gone so long, he just looked at me and said, “oh I have learned you! I knew that the chances of you leaving here and going to just one place was pretty slim”. I’m so thankful I came home, goodness knows that if ever I stay gone all night, he will just think I found a 24 hour drive thru that I just couldn’t refuse!

I wonder if there is a Gunniness Record for how many drive thrus one could go through in one night? I know I just broke my record of 3. Thank you Sevy for helping me reach a new goal. I can already see it

Grandmother Reaches for the Stars….Four Drive Thrus in Just One Hour! Way to go Granny!!!!

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