RC & TK’s Bed & Breakfast

We have had out son-in-law, Eric, here this week, having just left this morning. Rushing into the guest room, I pulled the sheets from the bed and began to clean the bath room to get ready for our kids that are coming in from Florida tomorrow. This week has been so much fun, having the opportunity to cook for more than just 2, it has been a delight to shop for the 4 yr old that will be here tomorrow. Instead of the usual basketballs, dinosaurs and Matchbox cars, we have in our basket at checkout, for our 4 grandsons, we had fun picking out cute little coloring books with pink ponies on them, blanket throws with Frozen characters and books about fairies. What fun it will be to serve pink frosted cupcakes out of pink dishes.

Last night, Eric had been taken out to dinner by some work vendors, as was the case the night before. When he came in last night, we began to talk about the two different steak houses that he had been taken to. We ask him which restaurant he liked the best. He thought for a minute and said, “you know, actually the food was pretty much the same, but what made the difference was the server. At the first restaurant, our waiter acted as though he was so glad we were there and made attempts to visit with us and participate in some of the conversation, as he would come back to help replace drinks or bread. The second restaurant’s food was good as well, but the server had no interest in us at all. He acted as though it was just his job and he did the minimal task that was required of him.  No warm conversation, and nothing extra. Just did what was necessary.”

That made me stop and think. How do I treat people that come into my home? Do I go the extra mile to make them feel wanted? Do I just do what is necessary to check off a list of required tasks?

Both Randy and I have always felt that we are so blessed to have homes through the different seasons of our lives that allowed us to entertain friends and family. I remember one lady whose house we bought. She had told us that she was selling the house because she would have liked to entertain, but that house was simply too small to have anyone over. We bought it and had numerous people there all the time. We had groups of 12-16 there for dinners and I was so excited to host luncheons for ladies from church, which numbered sometimes 30 plus. We found out from one of her new neighbors that she never entertained in the new home either.

What I am saying is this. When we like to do something, we find a way. Don’t use the size of your home, apartment or condo not to open up to people. The times around the tables are some of the best memories you will ever make. I pray that anyone who visits our home, will feel that they were served with the kind of hospitality that made them feel so welcome, that they can’t wait to come back. They might not remember what you served them, but they will definitely remember how you treated them!

One thought on “RC & TK’s Bed & Breakfast

  1. What a wonderful reminder that hospitality has many facets! Thanks for sharing this with us and I’ll remind you of this posting when you and RC visit our home at 800 sq ft!


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